Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploration 4

The chapter that engaged me the most is " On the Rainy River" because the narrator in this book Tim O' Brien is been drafted on the Vietnam war a month after he graduated from college. Like many people O'Brien is not fan of wars and he things wars are wrong. He was shame about it that really he was going t0 fight in a war . O'Brien says that he has not told this story to his parents, siblings, or wife. O’Brien’s picture of his moral problem about going to Vietnam illustrates how the war was fought by soldiers who were often reluctant and conflicted. The funny thing in this chapter is when he time to go to the Vietnam war, he decided to runaway to boarder in canada to hide his embarrassment. He stayed with old guy named Elroy Berdahl. He is very quite guy who almost accepts anybody that runs from U.S. because of them been called in a war. O'Brien refers this guy as a god. Finally, he decided to go to war and make his community Pround.

This book makes me feel that the war change for the batter because changes in the war. Back than in war you didn't have a choice whether you want to stay or go to war. Also, most of the people that were drafted in the wars were middle class people and some people that not even father their education to college. But, now people have their own choices to go war or not.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that change of who goes to war is for the better. I believe people should have the choice of whether to go or not. Many soldiers that used to be drafted, such as O'Brien, didn't even believe in the war.

Jenna said...

I definitely have to say Shirwa makes a good point, the "volunteer" military is much better than the draft. To sent so many who are knowingly conflicted about the Nam war was a big mistake. Now a days if you dont agree with the war you dont join, if you can afford it.