Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"The Things They Carried"

Chapter one was by far my favorite chapter of the whole book. It is what drew me in and made me more interested in the book. I loved how everyone had something physically they carried with them that had meaning, like the toe , the comics, rabbits foot etc. It was there piece of happiness, luck and strength. Not only did they carry physical stuff my emotional baggage. Which sometimes seemed to weigh more than there actual stuff. I was sad to see that Jimmy Cross blamed himself for the death of Ted Lavender. It was in no means his fault, but he still blamed him self because he was distracted on Martha. He carried that with him through out the whole war and never ever forgave himself for his death. I feel like it is hard for people to deal with death because life is such a scary thing that in one second it can be taken away. It is hard for any one to deal with a tragic loss. That's why they call it a loss, because you are loosing somebody you care about. People struggle so much because when your so close with some one and its taken away and never coming back its hard to deal with. I have personally never delt with a tragic loss in my family. I am lucky to have a happy healthy family. I would say the best way to deal with a tragic loss is to appreciate life and appreciate the life that was given to you. Dwelling on it will not bring that person back. They wouldn't want you to dwell they would want you to live your life.
Jimmy Cross is in charge of his troops so he takes a lot of responsibility for things. In my case I'm the oldest child in my family. I take a lot of responsibility of how my siblings act and what the do. They see as i do and I'm the one that sets the influence. If they do something bad i almost feel like it was my fault that i was the one who did it. I have an opinion about war. I don't support any type of war or fighting or violence but i do support the men and women who risk their lives to fight for us. I feel that there are other ways of dealing with issues than killing each other.


Jenna said...

This chapter drew me in too! It was written very well and with the incomplete story about LT it pulled the reader in.

Lauren said...

I also think this chapter drew me into the book more also. To be honest, I thought the beginning was kinda dull, but as I continued to read on it got more interesting.I liked the way he would describe the things that he carried and how it seemed to realted to the heavy buried the Cross felt with Lavender. Sadly, I have loss only one person in my family who went to the miltary, my Uncle Benny. He did come to visit me when I was in the hosital, but died excatly two months after I was born. I never got to know him personally but what my family has decribe him to be it seemeed as if he was a bad & triuble making child but as he got older and nto the real world he learned his lesson and changed his morals and values.

Jessica said...

i agree totally chapter one drew me into the book and made me want more of it, i thought u wrote this well i also do not agree with war and the things that come along with it but i do as you do support and have respect for the people who are fighting for us.