Monday, January 25, 2010

"Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong"

I enjoyed reading "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong" because I can relate with Mary Anne. There were two part of the chapter that caught my attention the most. The first was when the the Rat was describing the changes in Mary's look. It doesn’t take long for someone to adapt to war, its not so much they want to its more that they need to. To survive someone must worry about what’s outside the walls and the soldiers you work with, not so much your personal preferences to hygiene or material possessions. The second part I liked about the chapter was on page 111, she talking to Fossie and describing how she truly feels about the country and the situation she has been put in. She describes how much she has learned about herself and how when she is out on mission she can feel her body working. War is like no other experience, your body is on a constant adrenaline rush and all your senses are heightened. It’s a feeling not many understand, nor want to but once you've had it you don’t want any less.

As for responsibility, in the past few months mine has changed dramatically. If you asked me this lat year I would of said that mine are no different then the soldiers in the book. Today they are not as stressful and I have to say, though it may not make sense to most, they don't feel like responsibilities as much as they feel like privileges. I have school and family matters that I am responsible for, along with bills, friends and my boyfriend. Through these responsibilities I am in control of my own life. To be responsible is to be "grown up" or mature. It shows someone's independence or their will to strive. For example in high school most teenagers didn't have to worry about electric bill or mortgage. Then in college they decide to get a place of their own, now they have an electric bill and rent. As we get older we strive for more; a good job, a family and with that comes more responsibilities. To some the less responsibilities the better, others feed of them.

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mikelohre said...

jenna; your post shows how you view things differently than the "normal" student here. you see things in a different life. i think being in dangerous and complicated situations like war has a profound effect on how we view life. thanks for sharing yours and giving us the benifits of your experience in our class discussions. we are lucky to have you in class!