Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tornado Responce

I am not quite sure how to interpret this poem but i have the idea that the poem is making a connections to religion. I think what was initially striking about the poem was in the first couple of lines. The author talks about Lyle as being "one of the slows ones" but yet he fills such an important role on the team. To be a catcher in baseball, a lot of responsibility is bestowed upon you. It is one of the only two positions in baseball that touches the ball on every play. Why would you put someone who is "one of the slow ones" in such an important role? God does not care who is the most talented all he really wants is to utilize those who have their heart in the right place. The tornado represents the trials and tribulations that are associated with the world. The pews (bleachers)represent protection and comfort that is provided with a relationship with god. "Right were we had lost so many in the sun represents hell and the lost soles.

The main feelings expressed in this poem are the feelings of terror and unrest created by the tornado. The feeling of relief and security returns once the storm has subsided. This is expressed when the author talks about how everything is starting to steam and the calm coming back. I think my favorite part of this poem is the part about the fat grey carp. This part of the poem really made me think to understand what the author meant.


Mike Lohre said...

todd, good job working to offer an interpretation. i like how you extend that metaphor to belief. good work!

Reid Morgan said...

i'll be totally honest. I did not understand this poem in the least. it sounded like a mixture between baseball and church. This response helped a lot. I can see where the idea of god. I was wondering if Lyle is just a person in the poem or does he represent something else?