Monday, January 25, 2010

Feelings About the Issue of War

I have mixed emotions about war.

This book makes me feel that the lives lost a lot of times are without purpose. Many of the men and women who fight in wars do not necessarily believe in the war, which makes the war that much harder to endure. personally I feel that war is many times unnecessary and never really solves the root cause of the problems. Vietnam for example was in many aspects a huge waste of time, money and probably most importantly a waste of human life. In the end, no change occur ed in the two countries, and even today south Korea poses as a threat to many countries. Many people feel the same way today with the war on terrorism. Personally I feel that the tragic events of 911 needed to be dealt with, but this war has been drug out for way to long. All of the lives that were lost in the book were a result of a fight between other peoples desires for power.

On the other hand, war is necessary to protect innocent people. With out those that are willing to protect others, events like 911 would occur more frequently. This struggle between Life and Liberty is what makes the issue of war so complex, and will continue until the end of time.


Jill said...

I agree with you about the mixed emotions about war. I feel like war dose not solve the promblems either, and sometimes just makes things worst. But at the same time i do feel like we need to protect our country. I wish they could settle things without war though.

ahlam said...

I think everyone sometimes has mixed emotions about war its hard to be one sideded about topic like this but if there was a peaceful way to solve things without war their wouldnt be no mixed feelings. We just need more options to solve issues like that.

Lauren said...

I also have mixed feeling about war. It is to protect one's country from being harmed yet it takes so long to resolve the problem. On the other hand it seems that sometimes war occurs when one country is trying to change the way that other country works (ex. runs government). War is to protect our but it also in dangers the lives of the one's who are fighting for our country.

Reid Morgan said...

I agree war is an exreamly tricky subject and cannot be said with a simple yes or no. It is hard to interpret and hard to understand. I guess it just human nature.