Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploration Four

The chapter that engaged me the most was "On the Rainy River." I thought this chapter was interesting and engaging because we learned a lot of things about the author, Tim O'brien. We learned that he was drafted and did not want to go to war. We also learned about how he couped with not wanting to go to war by learning about his trip to up north and meeting Elroy. I thought Elroy was a nice guy by giving O'brien a place to live and I think it gave O'brien a chance to really think about what he was doing and how he would let his town down if he didn't return to the US.

The book " The Things They Carried" gives me a negative connotation on war because they don't really describe any positive aspects of war.

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mikelohre said...

tyler, i see postive aspects in a big way through the platoon members and the love and loyalty they show for one another. but let's face it; war is tragic. do you expect people coming back to tell you how great it was? i think people feel positive about their service when they serve, but we sometimes ignore the sacrifices and traumas that these brave people carrry out. that's how i see it, and i like how the book makes us look at that side of war, which we hardly ever talk about in the culture.