Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploration Four

The chapter On The Rainy River engaged me the most, because the reader can really feel the emotions Tim goes through while trying to decide on whether or not to run from the war. Tim mentions that he does not agree with the reasoning behind the Vietnam War, and that he should not be forced to fight in a war he does not believe in. His dreams were else where, he had received a full ride scholarship to Harvard and was looking forward to going before he got his draft letter. Fear runs through him as he tries to imagine himself fighting in a war, for he can not see himself taking another human live. What caught my attention most was that he made his decision to go to war based on shame. Tim knew he would not be able to live with himself if he brought dishonor to his family for running away. The main theme of this chapter was Tim's decision on going to war or running away from it.

This book has a great amount of tragic loss, and some of the stories really upset me. I can not imagine fighting along side a friend one day and then having to transport their body to a chopper the next. The shock that they were fine one second and then in a blink of an eye they were gone forever would overwhelm me. People struggle when they lose a friend or family member because they can not get over the reality that they are really gone and never returning. When my grandpa lost my grandma he was in shock because it was so sudden and we had no warning. He was so upset he didn't know what to do with himself. While talking to me about it he said that he knew one day they would part but that he never imagined how hard it would be to live without her. I believe the best way to grieve over a loved one is to remember them even if it hurts, remember the the great times you shared with them. Keep them with you in spirit.

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mikelohre said...

kristina: i think you connection you made to your life and grandpa is a good one. it is upsetting, but it's part of what we all have to learn to deal with. be being open about even tragic things, we can find a better way to deal with them, in my opinion. good job!