Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

I picked this one because it had the most interesting theme. The idea that this girl from the states could go into Vietnam as a normal person and come back as a psycho that wears tounges on her neck really surprised me. The chapter is erie and different which I like, and the ending where she went into the forest and never came back is also interesting because it sounded like it had a lot in common with the story in the chapter "How to Tell a True War Story," about the patrol that went in and came back completely silent and looking depressed, the same as when Mary Anne when she went to an ambush and came back the same way. Because it was told second hand it was more interesting to see someone else's point of view besides Tim O'Brien. The book makes me reflect on past wars and how as a whole they are pointless. In the book every one of the people change significantly based on what they experienced in war. I hear stories about people that come back from Vietnam and people always say how they completely changed from their time over there. If people are getting destroyed mentally and physically I makes me wonder why we have wars at all.

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Najma Ali said...

I was pretty disturbed by the changes that this girl went through as well.