Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploration 4 Spin

Spin is the chapter that was most intrigueng and intresting to me. this chapter talked about how the writer tim obrian having a within a fight to forget the horror of a war or to the live the memories he had about some 20 years ago. this chapter talks about how the soldiers were very young and they were all teens and into their early twenties. this chapter brings the vivid images or the horror and nightmares of the vietanam war, but it also talks about the good times. some of the good times tim talked about in this chapter was forexample when kiowa was teaching Rat kiley and dave jensen to dance in the rain and the local villagers were watching with a mixuture of fascitanion and giggly horrror. in this chapter just like every other chapter in the book Obrian gives a good discription of the chracters and the scene. but to me most fascinating quote is from the end of the chapter when Obrian said "stories are eternety, when your memory is erased, when there is nothing to remember except the story."(tim obrian p 38). this shows that writer feels the resposiblty to tell what had happened some 20 years ago on a place half globe away. and he wrote this book so those stories the glory and horrifying truth were told and those young heroes will never be forgetting and their stories is being told.

this book takes us through how hard it is for one to get over the horror of lossing someone you love infront of you. and seeing the way they died. and living that memory and playing it like a dvd in your head over and over again the rest of your live and it is really a struggle.


shirwa hosh said...

I've never personally lost someone really close to me thank god but i can imagine it being a big struggle.

Kristina said...

I liked this chapter because it was nice to read about some of the happier times the men shared together while being at Vietnam.