Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Women At The Wall"

The women at the wall is referring to the Vietnam Wall in Washington, DC. I am looking at this as a mother awaiting to hear if her son will be drafted off to war. It says "She prays while she is sleeping God will put all the names into a jar and pull thee one name out," I took that as her waiting to find out if her son will be drafted or not. The son is mention "a name" which is also another indication that this is about a draft. The mother seems very worried for her son, because back during the Vietnam war young boys were sent basically for their death due to lack of experience. However, she seems very hopeful that in the morning she will see her son sleeping in bed.

-Kelsey Tiberi


Kelly Mignogna said...

This is an interesting perspective! I definitely would not have thought about it that way. Very smart thinking.

Anonymous said...

I never looked at the poem this way. I really thought the son had already passed. It's neat to see what other angles this poem can be interpreted.

Kristina said...

While reading this poem I never understood it in this way. Now that I see your perspective I question my own.