Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Response to Woman at the wall

I felt this poem had alot of hidden meaning behimd it, the woman in the poem showed he sorrow and pain for the lose of who i believe to be her son. I thought though it was short it was a powerful piece losing a loved one is never easy i could feel her grieving as i read it. The line that stood out most to me in the poem is hwere she says "God will put all the names into the jar and pull the one name out, that in the morning when she awakens she will find the name sleeping in its bed" she is having a hard time dealing with the reality of the situation she wants only to forget about what has happened and everything go back to the way it was. She cannont let go of her loved one.

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mikelohre said...

great job jessica, and i agree, that meaing seems to be there. the woman is really struggling to determine what is fair and wonders if life is a gamble or game soemtimes, when loss seems so arbitrary. good job!