Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interpretive questions

from Jimmy and Tyler: Why are the men in Jimmy's platoon so afraid of showing fear or embarrassment?

Why do the soliders take death so lightly?

Why does Jimmy Cross blame himself for Ted's death?

Based on the little stories the soldiers told, what kind of morality do you think they have?
-Kelsey and Reid

Even though the letters that lieutant jimmy recieved werent love letters why did they mean so much to him?

Why does Jimmy Cross analyze Martha's pictures so much, instead of simply looking at them?

Why do they consider marching to be "humping"? What are the reasons behind this?
Brice Sheldon and Kyle

If you didn't get drafted by going to college, then why if Jimmy's love for Martha was so strongdid he not go to college? Seth and Njama

Even though Lt. Jimmy Cross is'nt actually responsible for Ted Lavendars death, why does he feel like he is?
Clayton Omar

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