Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Along Lake Michigan"

I guess the thing that struck me about this poem it the amount of repetition and detail he uses to describe one act. The basic story sound like, a person hit a woodchuck either with a car and is now watching it's children go up next to the body and try and figure out what is wrong, the ending is a bit confusing but based on the line "I am counting the cars as a man who counts before acting. I am holding a stick in my hands." it sounds like he is planning to kill the kids out of mercy. It sounds like it would fit the dark nature of this poem. The repetition in this is the idea that I like the most. I shows importance in a simple act.


Najma Ali said...

Yeah I really liked this one but the little babies trying to figure out what's wrong with their mother was really sad. It shows that everyone needs their more for guidance and that we don't know anything unless someone shows us.

shirwa hosh said...

This poems darkness drew me to it because it showed that poems could be like a different side of life the good and the bad. I also noticed the repetition in it as well and I think the it was trying to emphasize the scene.

Kyle Kapps said...

I didn't really think why the man had a stick at the end, but maybe that was what we was going to do.