Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woman At The Wall

I really liked this poem becuase it was very touching. At first I thought that poem was about her looking for someone or feeling lost. I read it again and it seemed more like someone had died and she's hoping that they would return. She feels like she has lost someone. She seems like she's searching or trying to forget that this person is gone. In the second stanza, she says that "she prays that tonight while she is sleeping God will put all the names into a jar and pull the one name out, that in the morning when she awakens she will find the name sleeping again in its bed, she won't know any difference. I really think that this stanza shows such beautiful language. She really gets us to understand how she feels. She really loves this person. I can't decide weather its her husband or son. I just know that it's a loved one.

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Jill said...

i really enjoyed that stanza also, and it is said in a unique way that i have never thought about before. I feel like it would be more about her son, since it says how a mother kisses or something like that.