Wednesday, January 13, 2010

along lake michigan, U.S.2

What struck me about this poem is the beginning how the author described the four patch's of fur after a woodchuck was hit by a car. I was amazed because the author was amazed calling it a trick of the woods or an act of magic. It brought out a feelings of sorrow as the animals kids were eating from their dead mothers bodie. The author was able to use language creatively when he was being descriptive when the dead animals children where trying to be fed by they're mother so they were sucking like they were trying to bring life to their mom. My favorite line was "They suck, nudging her side until the belly ripples with life from their mouths." This reminds me of the first poems reptiveness the author puts emphasis that the main character is counting the cars which is the setting that they are in the middle of the road. I believe the author is using the french vilonal style of writing. I author was in depth with this writing the meaning was clear I knew exactly what it was about. Unlike some poems that you have to think really hard in order to understand the main point of the writing. The meaning is after the man watches the mother become road kill he feels like he has a duty to protect the other animals from their mothers doom, at least until they are finished eating because without they're nurturing mother god knows how long they will survive out in the world. The main character doesn't know when they will get their next meal so he feels obligated to serve them like his a solider protecting his country. I thought he was brave for letting cars swerve past him as he was protecting them.


mikelohre said...

it makes me think how we drive and if anything is in the way, people will get mad and swear at it, or lose his or her temper. yet when we kill an animal or deer, we are taking a life, and other lives may depend on that mother or father. i think the poem makes me more aware of how animals need a place to cross the road too,and drivers who see the animals as an important part of our world, and not just something in "our" way.

Kyle Kapps said...

I agree that this poem was pretty easy to understand, and it was good what this man was doing for the animals.