Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poem response

The poem that I'm writing my response about is Woman At The Wall. This poem is about a woman's grief towards a lost loved one from the Vietnam War. When she speaks about God pulling a name out of the jar I believe she is hoping that one day the name of her lost loved one will be pulled from the jar and she will receive relief from her mourning. While reading this poem I feel the emotions of sadness and despair. I can feel how upset the woman is through her words, she prays that one day her suffering will come to an end. My favorite part is at the end when she says "she will find the name sleeping again in its bed, that she won't know any difference". When I read this I got the impression that she longs for the day when she is not upset anymore, like how she use to feel before her loved one went off to fight in the war.


Brice Sheldon said...

I thought that the line quoted is very powerful. In my personal opinion is that she cannot wait to be reconnected with her loved one in the afterlife.

Tyler Stauch said...

I liked that quote too