Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Along Lake Michigan"

What struck me most about this poem, was how in detail the writer talks about how the person hit the woodchuck. The wrtier also goes in depth of what he saw during the hit and after when they got out of the car to see the woodchuck.
The basic story is this person driving and hit a woodchuck, as they hit the helpless animal he looked back and stopped. The person stopped to see how badly the animal was hurt, and saw the woodchucks new born babies. The new borns have no way of surviving now that the mother is dead and the only one's to take care of them. I feel bad for the mother because she died and now can't take care of her young, and the babies will all die from no food and shelter.
My favorite line of the poem is when it says, " to take the animal back, to take it back lightly, into the woods to start over." I liked it because it would take away the animal to happiness again and start a new life and new children.


Mike Lohre said...

i like that too, jocelyn, and i admire writers who have the heart to recognize tragic things, but offer us hope or new beginnings too. we need that hope!

Kyle Kapps said...

I agree that this was a szd poem and having no protection from there mom the babies will most likely die afte the man leaves.

Seth said...

Yea i thought this was a sad poem, i've accidently hit a deer before and i felt horrible about it!

Kelsey Tiberi said...

I agree this poem was very sad, I feel that it is almost hard for any kind of wild life to live because were almost takeing over their homes.