Monday, January 25, 2010

on the rainy river

on the rainy river, its intersing story , in the sometime its sad story,because he past twenty year tim obrien was to scrared to tell his story ,and its was kind shame to tell anyone not even his mother sister ,brother, and his father. '' stil , its a hard story to tell. all of us believe that in a moral emengercy we will behave like a heroes of our youth , bravely and forth- rightly, without thought of personal lossor discridit. its was sumer in 1968 when tim obrien was working pig factory , and his used to work long hours , but he doesnt like the work because the only work sumer time. one day when he get of work he went home , and when get home he recieve later from life guard , and full scholarship but he didnt seem happy when he open the later because he had thought going to war. i learn about this chaper when a person dont feel like going to war, didnt have any choice to refused.

if i were him i would go war?

when i read this book it makes me to be very strong if ihad bad sitution such as like going to war or to be very brave,
peope strugle many ways to love their clos friend or their close fimaly . the one way a person can lose a close person its war , or car acciendent. i wouldnt ecourge my close friend or brothers, or sister go wars because i dont like to los them. there were certain reposible of this book because in order for them to be caring to each other they need to look everyone responsible because they alla t war and they have different responsible. my responsible it wouldnt affect anybody as long iam doing right things ,and taking my responsiblities.
the issu of war is not something right because someone gonna loss their life in the war. in the past and in the pressent war is gonna help anything somone is gonn die.

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