Monday, January 25, 2010

In The Field

In The Field seemed interesting to me because of how Mitchell Sanders seemed to have no feeling or emotion to Kiowa's death.

"After ten minutes they covered most of Kiowa's lower body. The corpse was angled steeply into the muck, upside down, like a driver who had plunged headfirst off a high tower..." Mitchell Sanders finally nodded and said, "Let's get it done," and they took hold of the legs and pulled up hard.."

Although people say feelings come and go it never does when it comes to the loss of a loved one. I very hard for people to get over the of someone whether they are blood related or not. These people share a special bond that no one understands so it's very hard for some to related to others when it comes to a tragic loss. I think this the reason why Lieutenant Jimmy Cross had a hard time copping with the loss of Kiowa. At the end he seemed to debate about whether he would write a letter to Kiowa's father. I wondered why in certain moments Cross would close his eyes. It seemed to me that he was trying to block out the fact that Kiowa is dead.


Tyler Stauch said...

Yea I agree with you on how Mitchell Sanders veiwed Kiowa's death. I thought it was terrible how he joked about it.

Anonymous said...

I was also surprised with how Sanders reacted to Kiowa's death. What he said makes him seem heartless, but maybe he was just trying to block out his true feelings. I felt so sorry for Cross because he obviously had a strong bond with Kiowa and really suffered from his passing.

Jenna said...

I understand what you are saying but think of it from a physiological stand point. Many people, like Saunders, feel that if you show emotion it makes the situation more intense and real. Along with that for a soldier you cant get to emotional at the time, you have not time for it, so you and your buddy's joke around abut the death and pretend its no big deal. Then when you have time later, even years later, you can get emotional about it.