Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boy, Waiting For A School Bus

I thought this poem was very good. It does a great job of describing what it is like to wait for a school bus in winter months with cold weather. I think that the basic story of it is being told by someone that the boy knows who sees him on the side of the road waiting for the bus.
I thought the emotions and feelings that come through in this poem are the feelings that you get when you have to stand still outside in the cold. The boy might be mad for having to wait so long, or the fact that the bus that will be picking him up will be taking him to school, a place that a lot of kids do not enjoy going to.
I thought that the descriptive language is written well. Some examples are: frozen dawn, hangover moon, tar that never ends, and his breath carves little statues out of cold. My favorite line is "Frozen dawn. A scattering of snow spits a boy a raw welcome..." I really like this because I had to walk to school in the harsh Ohio weather until my senior year. The wind and tempurature gives you quite the wake up call at 7:30 in the morning.
I connect this poem to the paragraph I wrote above. It was always tough to walk out my door every morning, knowing what I was going to endure on my mile long walk to school. I would also see parents and kids that I knew that would honk and wave as they drove by, and in the best cases, would stop to pick me up.


ahlam said...

I thought it was a good poem too it brought back flash backs of when I was younger and had to stand outside in the cold waiting on a bus. I could connect with the character and how he was feeling.

Lauren said...

Although I never had to ride the school bus to get to school, I remember seeing the kids that had to wait for the school bus. I felt bad because they had to wait to get school and get there later than me. I felt worst when the weather was awful. "His breath carves little statues out of cold." This quote felt close to heart for me because I rememeber having to wait for the school bus when we had our class field. But back then I thought it was cool to see your breath when it was cold cause I thought that it looked like smoke from a chimney.

Jocelyn B said...

I never had to ride the bus, my parents would take me to school. I couldnt connect with what that boy felt because I never did. I thought the poem was good choice since you could connect with the boy a little.

Anonymous said...

I also remember how awful it was standing out in the bitter cold on winter mornings waiting for my bus. I dreaded it. I can't imagine having to walk the mile that you did to school though. That would be unbearable.