Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"That Lean and Hungry Look"

While reading "The lean and Hungry Look," an essay by Suzanne Britt, I myself being the audience felt torn as to how I felt about the reading. Britt exaggerates on and on about how thin people are condescending, efficiency experts, there are tsk-tsk thin people, and are mechanical. All in which she claimed were dangerous people and needed to be watched, (Britt, 281.) She felt very differently about fat people saying that they realize that life is illogical and unfair. That all is not right with the world, (Britt,282.) So is she trying to say that fat people have more fun, are relaxed about life and don't have a care in the world? No she is not saying that. I personally think she is trying to make us as the reader feel a little more comfortable in our own skin. In today's society looks are everything it seems. Being 5 pounds overweight is the end of the world. Here she is saying that being thin is bad and if your fat you are in a sense normal. "Fat people are convivial. They will like you even if you're irregular and have acne, (Britt, 283.) Obviously being over weight is not a good thing health wise but if your comfortable with yourself shouldn't that be okay? The pressures that are put on people to look a certain way is very draining. She does not want us all to be fat in any sense she wants us to be happy with our selves and not to worry about the pressures that our society has put upon us.


Tyler Stauch said...

I wrote my exploration 8 on "That Lean and Hungry Look" and also talked about how the author tears apart thin people

Jill said...

i agree on how i think she is making the point that its not that big of deal if you are over weight you should be happy with youself more. I think she is trying to make us relize that