Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shrouded in Contradiction

The author is contradicted in the writing because she lives in America were she dose not have to wear it, but her faith still is telling her to wear it. She says she likes wearing it because shes says she finds passion in it and that it makes erotic freedom. Also she says that she dose not like wearing it because she wants to roam her country with the wind in her hair.
The quote i picked as being important is"its annoying, but so is wearing pantyhose to work. " This is talking about how she thinks wearing a hijab is annoying but in a way she has to, just like girls have to wear pantyhose to work. I liked this quote because it puts it in way to make sense to women who never had to wear a hijab. I also liked this quote because it made me realize more that it is just a way of life, something she has to do to fit into her social norms like many women carrying purses or wearying pantyhose.

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