Thursday, February 25, 2010

spiritual love vs. physical love

The author is torn between what she feels is acceptable and what those in Iran consider appropriate. She doesn't mind wearing the hijab but remembers being accepted in a mini skirt while in America. There is a contradiction between her flesh and serving Islam when she is scolded for baring her neck in public on a hot day. The author says, " I want to argue. I feel like a child. Defiant, but powerless. Burning with injustice, but also a hint of shame". In America the majority of our actions result from how we feel or what we want. But in Iran, Islam has a much larger role than fleshly desires. Asayesh reflects on spiritual love versus physical love and says, " All I know is that such moments of passionate abandon, within the circle of invisibility created by the veil, offer an emotional catharsis every bit as potent as any sexual release". I believe that this is significant because it shows the meaning of the hijab beyond the obvious physical purpose. She appreciates it.

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