Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shrouded in Contradiction

I think the author is torn between her beliefs and how she lives her westernized life. Because of this she is confused and objective of her own Iranian life. Anyone would feel this if they were put into a different culture and told to adapt. I believe she feels worse when a government employee tells her to cover up. the main contradiction here is when she wears all of these garments but hates wearing them. The passage I thought was the most important was the last one where she states "I gather up the wet and grimy folds with distaste, longing to be home, where I can cast off this curtain of cloth that gives with one hand, takes with the other." I believe that summed up her feelings in one simple sentence. She believes that when she wears the scarf it is a symbol of her country but it also limits her as a person.

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