Wednesday, February 24, 2010

exploration 8 Shrouded in Contradiction

In the essays “Shrouded in Contradiction” the author felt let bit confused because she grew up in America and got used to American culture. The author didn’t have problem wearing the hijab but when she went to visit her native country Iran she been question a lot and that made her uncomfortable with her feelings. She said, “I grew up wearing the miniskirt to school, the veil to the mosque. In the Tehran of my childhood, women in bright sundresses shared the sidewalk with women swathed in black.” She is torn between two different cultures. She wants to be like the Iranians that wear veils. The reason Muslim women wear hijabs is to hide their beauty. In Islam your hair is considered part of your beauty, and if you show your beauty you are increasing likelihood of temptation. Temptation is the first step to committing many sins. And it can lead to one of the biggest sins, committing fornication. Women are not required to wear the hijab 24/7, only when there are individuals of the opposite sex who are mahram. Mahram refers to men who are of no relation whom you can marry. It was contradicting because there are a lot of women who feels the same way when they go from the U.S. to a very strict Islam country.

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