Wednesday, February 24, 2010

exploration 8:shrouded in contradiction

I feel that this essay was the one that had the most contradition's its starts off the first sentence with a contradiciton. She says, "I grew up wearing the miniskirt to school, the veil to the mosque." A miniskirt symbolizes more sexual, flirty type of girl , eye catching. Allthough a veil is suppose to symbolize modesty, a religious type of girl, not at all eye catching. She even described as feeling uncomfortable at times with the scarf but then she when on to say she also feels uncomfortable wearing pantyhose. There was a lot of emotions going through her mind throughout the whole reading she felt torn between the two influences. The strong influence of Western society and the fact that you get to do what ever you want, dress freely, and fulfill your desires. Yet being drawn back to her religious culture knowing all the strict rules, and regulations have their reasons. They are all explained and are for her best interest at heart. That's what the author faces. Depending on who the audience is they can either relate to her struggle in some way or have a understanding. Or either feel one way like shes being a hypocrite of her religion if they are muslim. Or they can feel that she is trapped by her religion and she should stick with that of the freedoms of western society and throw off her scarf and let her hair blow freely in the wind. A passage she said, "To wear hijab -Islamic covering -is to invite contraditcion. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes I value it." When I read this I basically thought she was saying that she hates the fact of it being restricting, but values the security it leaves her with God.


Lauren said...

I liked your first quote because it shows the sterotypical image of Americans. I think because we are one of the countries with the freedom, people want to act, be a part of our cultural believes. I assume its very hard to transition into another culture and place because its hard to keep up with the traditions you have at home, but to also fit in to the country that to move into

Lauren said...
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shirwa hosh said...

i disagree witht his quote. mainly because poverty, or financial crises forces people to leave their motherland causing them to be intimidated about the western society. for example women thnk by throwing their scarfs away they will be acceoted, but if its not your own people, the love will never be heart felt.