Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Exploration 8:Shrouded in Contradiction

I recently read the story, "Shrouded in Contradiction' by Gelareh Asayesh. this story describes her conflict of clothing choice in her home country of Iran. Iran is an Islamic Republic. All of the women in the country are expected to follow both the written, and unwritten rules of Islam. Women in Iran are expected to wear hajba, which is Islamic covering. The covering of the body by clothing ensures that the people in an Islamic society find passion in the soul, and they do not become distracted by passion on the body. In theory, this rule of culture seems to be acceptable, but it becomes extremely annoying to some women, especially for those who have spent time in Western cultures, like Gelareh.

"The veil masks erotic freedom" Gelareh states in her writing. It makes sense, if a body is covered by clothing, then it will be harder for men to find them physically attractive, but why is it the woman's job to contain the sexual tendencies of men? If a man looks at a woman and finds her sexually attractive, it is not her fault that she is sexually attractive, it is the man's fault for thinking about sex so much. It would make sense to this reader, if the Men of Iran attempt to cleanse their thoughts in order to find religious peace. In stead of just covering every Woman's body in clothing, which makes them extremely uncomfortable.

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