Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shrouded in Contradiction

the author is torn about her clothing and the rules that apply to her beliefs. Sometimes she values wearing her scarf but other times she absolutely hates it. she really doesnt think wearing her scarf is as big of a deal as everyone in her culture makes it out to be. During a part of the story she explained how she was very hot so she turned her scarf into a turban so that her neck was bare and the wind could touch her bare skin to cool her down. then a paid government employee yelped at her to to put it back on the right way. she explained how she was hot but the woman didnt care. the author then murmerred under her breath "the men arent hot". her basic view is that she doesnt think the issue on clothing should be such a big deal.
"none have been more daring than i. ive wound my scarf into a turban, leaving my neck bare to the breeze." she made a huge statement when she did that. she didnt really care what people thought or what her beliefs were, she was hot so she took her scarf and turned it into a turban. the tradtional top that a male would wear. she was a rebel and in a way sort o proud of it.

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Tyler Stauch said...

I like your key quote because it helps show that she didnt care what people thought about her doning that