Wednesday, February 24, 2010

that leam amd hungry look.

concratadiction of this write was two different subject about how thin people and fat people against each other. both people have different mantelity to share their ideas. but i feel people thin feel unhappy how the write describing them. some people prefer to be fat and other prefer to thin. the write more crising the thin people. " fat people are convivial. they will like you even if you are irrugular and have acne." sometimes fat people show a car even you are bad person. i disagree that because some of the treat you nice. it could be either way thin people sometimes say good things about the fat people. some of the time thin people they believe they are health and they watch out their diet. fat people doesnt care about their die they ate whenever they feel hungry they dont care about colories. Thy feel good about their self." thin people are downers. they like math and morality and reasoned evaluting of limitations of human beings. the reason they like math is they doing more excrise make their self more busy not to eat too much food.The thin show ed the fat people how to stay in health way and lose weight.

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