Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Green Belt Movement Response

I decided to respond to The Green Belt Movement speech, because trees are obviously a vital resource throughout the entire world. Trees are important for many products throughout the world. As stated in the book, trees/tree planting "provide fuel, food, shelter and income to support their children's education and household needs". Without an adequate amount of trees, many, if not all of these, could be lost. The Green Belt Movement helped to plant more then 30 million trees. They also created a citizen education program in Kenya. The tree eventually became a symbol for the democratic struggle in Kenya. One interesting passage that stuck out to me stated, "Many countries, who have poor governance systems, are also likely to have conflicts and poor laws protecting the environment."
I think trees should continue to be planted. Lately, the "Go Green" movement has been very popular in the United States. I think that is great, because every little bit helps. If we continue to get everyone to pitch in just a little bit, we can take a great step in heading in the right direction.


Jill said...

I agree that the go green movement is popular, and i think its good people are trying to help. I also really liked how the tree became the symbol.

Brice Sheldon said...

I really enjoyed reading this speech. A lot has been done since the eighties in response to the green belt movement. Many trees have been planted and are continuing to be planted. I think everyone can pitch in to help the environment.