Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 8

The Nobel speech that caught my eye was Al Gore's speech "A Planetary Emergency." Being a "Go Green" person I enjoyed know that it is being brought up in politics. Al Gore talks much about the way we as people treat the earth and how its not going to be around forever. He talks about how people never new what they were doing would have such dramatic and harmful changes to the world. He states, "We never intended to cause all this destruction..." (619: 10) which is true back in the beginning of the 1900's no one new the automobile would cause so much damage to the Ozone layer and people didn't realize that sooner or later the trash that decomposed in fields would release harmful gasses into the air. People didn't know but now that we see the damage humans are doing to our world we can try and fix the problem. I liked hearing that Europe and some of the smaller countries around the world are making an effort to put the environment and climate first. It was disappointing to learn that the US was one of the two major contributers to the problem. Though in recent years I have notice a large increase in "GO Green" ads, use of Hybrids and recycling throughout the country. I travel a lot and have see the improvement and the attempt by the government to improve the environment. But I must say in the end its all on the individual. I might recycle but that doesn't mean everyone does and I feel until its a law not many will take their time to do their part to save our world.


Seth said...

I was also kind of disappointed to see that the U.S. is one of the two main contributers to the CO2 emissions. Everyone needs to start doing their part to help reduce pollution.

MeganS said...

I agree that recycling should be a requirement. Even with the number of enviromentally friendly products increasing, we are still pumping out an insane amount of undesireables. It's kind of sad but for a lot of American's it seems like "Going Green" is more of a trend than a lifestyle change.

Todd said...

Do you notice that the US is one of the first to start to do something about polution? From that stanpoint it makes it a little better.