Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 8: A Planetary Emergency (2007)

The speeches were great. These leaders accepted the noble peace price highest award somebody could possibly achieve but also these leaders did these speeches to get their point across to inspire people the citizens of the world like Al Gore did in his speech when he was accepting his Noble Peace Price.
To me the most interesting and the most intriguing speech was Al Gore’s speech. The former vice president of the United States delivered a great speech and he brought his intentions and concerns on the harm we are causing in to our planet as humans. His speech was precise and it caught most people’s attention. And Al Gore’s got his point well a crossed and he told his audience about the harm we are causing on our planet by dumping a toxic waste and air pollution. Al gore said “we dumping another 70 million tons of global-warming pollution in to the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet” (618 Al gore speech).
To most people global warming and climate change isn’t a concern while others think it is myth and un real. Al gore’s Speech was refreshing their memories and giving them new perspective by showing the evidence on the harm we are causing are causing to our planet.
My favorite quote from the speech was “we are what is wrong, and we must make it right” (619 Al gore’s speech h). I like this quote because it is short to the point and it basically says we are the ones who are causing the global warming and the climate change and we are the ones who could prevent it by being more responsible, and more caring to our planet.


Jenna said...

You got it! thats why i enjoyed the speech was because it was clear and he made his point very well. It was easily understood and well thought out. Oh and i liked the second quote you picked. It was a good choice!

ahlam said...

I also liked the way that he was straight to the point and gave us a clear idea of the message of taking action for are own well being.