Tuesday, March 2, 2010

exploration 8

The essay i am writing about is "A planetary emergency" by Al Gore. This issue affects our world because it is talking about global warming, and the effects to the plant we live on. also it effects every signal human being on this planet. Al Gore said "we are what is wrong, and we must make it right." I like this quote because people seem to always blame others, and this is making the point that we are wrong and need to make it right. Since this speech, more companies and individuals have been taking daily steps to improve how much pollution they do in a day. Also there are many more products that has come out that are environmentally safe. I think more could be done in individuals, because many people still do not feel the need. Also i think companies should have cheaper products that are "green" for people to afford because i think that is one of the reasons many people do not buy products.


Najma Ali said...

I like how he constantly reminded us what we need to do!

Kristina said...

I do agree with you, most people can't afford to buy the expensive green products on the market.