Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 8: A Planetary Emergency

The biggest key idea that I got from this passage was that we, as in everyone in the world, need to come together and do our part to help reduce global warming. Al Gore talked about how the United States and China are the two biggest CO2 emitters in the world. Both countries need to be aware that we live in the same world and despite what one country is doing someone needs to take the initiative and do their part in stopping global warming. Gore also talks about how carbon emissions aren't allowing heat to leave the atmosphere which could cause a "carbon summer", this would not be very pleasant. If the U.S. is one of the two largest contributers to these emissions then I think it is time for us to do something. I know in recent years that a lot more fuel efficient and electric cars have been made to help reduce the harmful carbon emissions. Also that more people are using solar energy and other natural resources to help to their part. I think that we need to recognize a bad situation before it happens and everyone should start using less of the world's natural resources.


Todd said...

I agree with the part that we have to do our part to help the environment. How would you go about actually doing something though? I wish he gave a plan.

Jessica said...

i agree that we all do need to do whatever we can to do our part in keeping this world beautiful as it was meant to be and no let it fall into something its not without everyone helping out.