Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Revolution of Spirit

All the speeches shared one thing in common and that was the heavy emphasis on how the award is a symbol for their cause and the people that support that cause. I picked this one specifically because it is said so clearly. The idea that is put forward in this essay is the idea that the award is step forward for Aung's people. In the speech there are several things that emphasize the idea of the Nobel prize being more of a symbol than anything. they also use the award as a way to honor the people that fight for there cause. Aung herself is a strong person to do what she is doing and is willing to suffer the consequences. The fact that someone is willing to go as far as being put under house arrest is deserving of such a prestigious award.


Jimmy Wall said...

I agree, none of the award recipiants seemed overly excited about winning the award, they wanted the people to know that the award was won due to a breakthrough or achievement that affected people around the world.

cnewell said...

I agree, too. I noticed this especially in Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech. He basically said that he accepted the award on behalf of the Civil Rights Movement, and that his personal accomplishments weren't enough to deserve it.