Tuesday, March 2, 2010

world noble peace prize

the writing speeches i choose is the green belt movement.2004 . the green belt movement its talking about how some african country and othe country strugling hungry , povery and other many problems. Wangari Maathai. telling the world how her country some of the children are uneducated because the eviroment they live in. some them doesnt have parents to put them school educate them. mos

we must understand the connections between the climate crisis and the affliction of poverty, hungry, HIV-Aids and other pandemics" its sad how some of the young childrens and women are strugle poor envirment and they doesnt have anybody who help them. most the young boys and girl had effected Hiv - Aids . this country the green belt movement the main problem they had is hungry and poverty promlem. there many things has been done since the world spechess in the green belt Moventment. they many orginazation and aids to help those children and womens who lived bad enivimment. it could be done good things to help the poor people.

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