Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 8: "A Planetary Emergency"

Al Gore received his Noble Peace Prize on December 10, 2007 in Oslo, Norway. Gore had created several documentaries on global warming and it's effect on the world and it's population, his most famous one being, "An Inconvenient Truth".

Al Gore is, in my mind, a leader in American politics, and a leader in stopping global warming. Before you can fix a problem, the population must be educated, and that is exactly what Gore did when he created, "An Inconvenient Truth".
In Paragraph 21 of his Noble Peace Prize acceptance speech, Gore call out the United States and China for not doing enough to limit their Carbon Dioxide emissions. "But the outcome will be decisively influenced by two nations that are now failing to do enough: The United States and China", Gore states when blaming world powers for a failure to act.

That statement was the most important one of Gore's entire speech. The United States and China have a large affect on how other countries react to conflicts and problems, and global warming is a problem that every human has to worry about. The CO2 emissions that we pump into the ozone, will endanger the entire world.

As Americans, it is our responsibility to pressure our governing officials to act, and it is their responsibility to pressure the global community to make better decisions that will help the enviorment. If we can set an example as an efficient community, then the rest of the world will follow in our footsteps.


Lauren said...

I agree that one of Al Gore's main points is that people need to be educated about global warming otherwise there is no one to help stop this problem.The U.S and China are the countries that other countries look towards when dealing with problems. I think that the issues about our environment is overlooked and this environmential issues need to be pushed and discussed more because the Earth and nature in general is what we humans need in order to survive.

Jocelyn B said...

I like this issue about keeping our enviroment healthier and it agree is is our responsibility to pressure people and ourselves to keep it clean.

Kelly Mignogna said...

I agree that it is very important for Americans to take a stand. Nothing will be done if we just stand back, and watch. We as Americans need to be proactive.

saynab said...

i agree with this because its give us more idea what we need to be orginazide in order to be survivery.